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Milan Restoration is a full-service, family owned and operated, architectural conservation firm specializing in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and monuments. Our European origins empower us with a centuries-old perspective on architecture, and our goal is always the same – treat every project as a new and unique masterpiece.


Since its establishment, Milan Restoration has earned a reputation not only for timely and efficiently completing the each project, but also its tremendous consideration for detail and design. Utilizing techniques specific to each of our trained specialists, combined with a reflection of the individual wishes of the client, our restoration work becomes truly unique.


Taking into consideration the individual needs of each building, from minor repairs to complex projects requiring years to complete, we provide in-depth investigative and assessment services, both in the laboratory and on-site, with a full range of conservation services to a varied client base, including: architects, engineers, governmental agencies, cultural institutions, religious properties, contractors, and private homeowners.


Our team takes great care to design treatment options for our clients that provide for maintenance as well as conservation. We will gladly provide our team of designers, or work together with the restoration architect/engineer of your choice.


Our staff of professionally trained architectural conservators are readily available to address future plans, and to provide information regarding any questions that may arise. Our hard work coupled with loyalty and respect for our customers will allow us to restore your place of worship back to its beauty and elegance.
Sasha Golubovic
Sasha Golubovic
Sasha Golubovic was born and raised in Yugoslavia. He completed his studies at the Architectural College in Nis, Serbia 1977. During his years in college, Sasha managed a brick factory with his father.

Work history:

– 1978 – 1994 – CEO of MGS Design Co. During his years at MGS Design he worked on Government and City projects, Historical restoration and designed Night Clubs in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Italy.

– 1989 Sasha formed Pigeon Co. – a hydro-insulation company. He created this company with Dr. Emil Solemo, who has founded Emil-Sol in Spain, and won two gold medals in Geneva for his hydro-insulation innovation. While with Pigeon Co., Sasha worked on historical buildings, home offices for Benik Co. in Belgrade, and the heating system plant in Belgrade.

– Sasha was introduced to Church Restoration and design shortly after his move to the USA in 1994. Since then, he has designed and has worked on over 300 Churches with his sons Marko and Milan.

Marko Golubovic
Marko Golubovic
Marko Golubovic was born and raised in Yugoslavia. He studied at the Architectural and Design School in Nis, Serbia. During his years in school Marko worked with MGS Design Co. In 1996, Marko joined his father Sasha in the Architectural Conservation business and has worked and managed over 300 Churches ever since. Certified Restorer and EPA Certified.
Milan Golubovic
Milan Golubovic
Milan Golubovic was born and raised in Yugoslavia. In 1998, Milan joined his father Sasha and brother Marko in the Architectural Conservation business and has worked and managed on over 250 projects ever since. Certified Restorer and EPA Certified.


“As we celebrate our 133rd anniversary, it gives us great pleasure to know that we can collaborate with company such as yours to ensure the quality of architecture structure of our building remains intact. Crew took actions to resolve challenges and did a phenomenal job in keeping the project on schedule.”

RENEE JARVIS • Emmanuel Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Jersey City, NJ

“Thank you for premium service, for premium workmanship and a spirit that honors all humanity.”

Rev. LOUISA D. GROCE • Redeemer Lutheran Church, Jersey City, NJ
Christ Episcopal Church - Short Hills NJ

“Last summer you and your team repaired, insulated, sheet rocked and painted the ceiling of our nave at Christ Church in Short Hills. Ours is an old church and people were worried what the change would look like. Since you completed the work I have heard nothing but compliments – It’s so beautiful and so much more light! – is the most common remark.
Not only do you achieve a great result, but I want to personally thank you for the attitude of your workers.  They did the job on time; they were polite and helpful; they went above and beyond for us. You’ve got a great team and I’ll be glad to recommend your company to my colleagues.”

TIMOTHY MULDER • Rector, Christ Church in Short Hills NJ

We had the privilege to hire Milan Church Restoration to renovate our Church Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. As the project manager from the Church, I was proud of their professionalism and dedication to ensure a 110% customer satisfaction. The insight they bring to the table was priceless. The modern artistic touch they add to the sanctuary is biblically touching. Their commitment to complete the project in a timely fashion was kept. The method of payments they created with our budgets and incoming donations, helped us complete the project without taking a loan. After the restoration was completed, Milan and there team left a smile in every members’ and visitors’ face. I will definitely recommend Milan Church Restoration to any Church. Keep up the Good work.

May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Continue to use the staff of Milan Church Restoration to maintain His places of worships safe, clean, and sound.

Br. MARIO JOSEPH • Bethel Haitian Baptist Church, East Orange, NJ
The Riverside Church - Manhattan NY

I have worked with the Milan Church Restoration Family over the past seven (7) years in restoring several projects throughout The Riverside Church including exterior entrance doors, interior doors, interior wood work, Sanctuary Pews, sanctuary floor, stone cleaning and our library restoration.

Every project has been completed within the deadline and the finished product has always exceeded my expectations.  The Milan Family provides excellent service and the list of items they are qualified to restore is endless. Milan Church Restoration is the go to company for The Riverside Church when restoration projects are necessary.

MARIA T. BIDO • The Riverside Church of New York, NY

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Pastor, and congregation of the United Methodist Church in Washington, I would like to thank you for the outstanding work you did on the restoration of our Sanctuary. The sanctuary has been restored to its original glory thanks the fine workmanship by the professionals on your team. Your workman were a pleasure to work with. They are true professionals and should be commended for their attention to detail and respect for the building. We were truly astounded by the workmanship, responsiveness to issues, and understanding of exactly what we were looking for in the finished product.

Your company is certainly best in the business and we look forward to working with you on the restoration of our stained glass windows.

CANDACE LEWIS • United Methodist Church in Washington, NJ

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